Mademoiselle & the Doctor DVD (NTSC format)

In her thought-provoking examination of the right-to-die debate, filmmaker Janine Hosking introduces viewers to Lisette Nigot, a healthy, witty 79-year-old retired French academic. Having accomplished all she wanted to do with her life, Nigot says she does not want to celebrate her 80th birthday.

For advice, she turns to Dr Philip Nitschke, an advocate for voluntary euthanasia.
Hosking's heartbreaking documentary follows the relationship of Nigot and Dr Nitschke as they meet to discuss a 'final project.'
Reviewed by The Age newspaper as the 'best Australian film' of 2005, Mademoiselle and the Doctor is thought-provoking, controversial and well ahead of its time.
2004 - 89 mins - Color
Directed by Janine Hosking 
Parental Guidance Suggested: Adult Language, Adult Content
DVD: NTSC format
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Mademoiselle & the Doctor DVD (NTSC format)
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