The Peaceful Pill eHandbook - Online edition

The Peaceful Pill eHandbook is concerned only with strategies that are reliable and peaceful.


The Peaceful Pill eHandbook is published for people aged 50 years and over (or who are seriously ill or who have other valid reasons for wanting this sensitive information) and their friends and family.


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How The Peaceful Pill eHandbook Works

  • Subscribers are issued with personal log-in details by email
  • Subscriptions are created within a few hours of purchase (max 48 hours)
  • > 6 updates are provided per 12 months with breaking news / developments
  • Print: the whole book or a page selection can be printed
  • Access using Macs/ PCs, iPads/ iPhones, Tablets & Androids
  • No 3rd party / special software needed
  • Text & Videos can be magnified for better reading
  • Free Membership of Exit’s online forums (on approval, with photo ID, after 1 month wait period)
  • Renewable subscription option at 50% discount

The Peaceful Pill eHandbook ranks the most important, effective & peaceful end-of-life strategies according to Exit’s unique Reliability-Peacefulness Test.


The live ONLINE format allows the book to be regularly updated, ensuring the most up-to-date information possible.


Book Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Suicide & the Law
  • The Peaceful Pill
  • The Exit ‘Reliability-Peacefulness’ Test
  • Hypoxic Death & the Exit Bag
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Lethal Inorganic Salts
  • Detergent Death
  • Introduction to Drugs
  • Drugs & Vomiting
  • Drug Options – Morphine
  • Drug Options – Propoxyphene
  • Drug Options – Amytriptyline
  • Drug Options – Chloroquine
  • Drug Options – Insulin
  • Drug Options – Chloral Hydrate
  • Drug Options – The Lethal Mixtures
  • Drug Options – Nembutal
  • Availability of Nembutal
  • Internet Scammers
  • Testing & Storage of Nembutal
  • Administration of Nembutal
  • The Peaceful Pill Project
  • The Swiss Options
  • Final Considerations
  • Exit RP Table
  • References
  • About the Authors
  • Join Exit International


About The Peaceful Pill eHandbook (recap)

  • Subscription period is 24 months after which the eHandbook can be renewed at 50% discount.
  • Subscribers are issued with a unique login & password
  • PPeH contains text, image & videos
  • Videos include printable transcripts for the hearing-impaired
  • PPeH can be magnified for the sight-impaired & can be printed on demand
  • PPeH subscription provides access on approval to the Peaceful Pill forums (1 month wait applies to new subscribers but can be waived if reasons exists)


Tech, Legal & Tax Stuff

  • PPeH can be used across all devices inc iPads/ iPhones & Androids (no 3rd party software needed)
  • Upon purchase, your email address will be used as your log-in username.
  • The online edition is sold only to folk who are over 50 years of age, of sound mind or who are seriously ill.
  • Photo ID may be requested before a subscription is created.
  • Note – the eHandbook is not available for reading on Kindle unless using Kindle’s Silk Browser.
  • Orders are processed within 48 hours of purchase
The Peaceful Pill eHandbook - Online edition
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