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The best-selling Peaceful Pill eHandbook is updated up to six times per year, bringing subscribers the best available information currently available on end of life choices.

The Subscription period is 24 months, renewable thereafter at half price.

The Peaceful Pill eHandbook employs Exit's unique Reliability-Peacefulness Test to rank the most important, effective and peaceful end-of-life strategies.


Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Suicide & the Law
Chapter 3 - The Peaceful Pill
Chapter 4 - The Exit ‘Reliability-Peacefulness’ Test
Chapter 5 - Hypoxic Death & the Exit Bag
Chapter 6 - Carbon Monoxide
Chapter 7 - Cyanide
Chapter 8 - Detergent Death
Chapter 9 - Introduction to Drugs
Chapter 10 - Drug Options - Morphine
Chapter 11 - Drug Options - Propoxyphene
Chapter 12 - Drug Options - Amytriptyline
Chapter 13 - Drug Options - Chloroquine
Chapter 14 - Drug Options - Insulin
Chapter 15 - Drug Options - Chloral Hydrate
Chapter 16 - Drug Options - Nembutal
Chapter 17A - Availability of Nembutal
Chapter 17B - Online Scammers

Chapter 18 - Testing & Storage of Nembutal

Chapter 19 - Administration of Nembutal
Chapter 20 - The Peaceful Pill Project
Chapter 21 - The Swiss Options
Chapter 22 - Final Considerations

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  • Each subscriber is issued a unique login & password.
  • Provides access on approval to the Peaceful Pill forums (3 month wait applies to new subscribers)


The Peaceful Pill eHandbook is the only end-of-life choices guidebook to be written by a former Physician & Scientist.



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SUBSCRIBE ONLINE Peaceful Pill eHandbook inc videos + updates
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